About Frances Jerard Fashion Design

Dress Life to the Full

Frances Jerard’s philosophy is “dress life to the full”.

Unique design and playing with colours allows women to celebrate their femininity. Wearing a Frances Jerard design is an uplifting experience.

The label offers a trans-seasonal collection that acknowledges that it is always spring or summer somewhere in the world. Frances Jerard specialises in designs tailored to each woman’s needs and offers a limited edition selection.

Frances Jerard invites women to be brave in their choice of fashion, to celebrate and love their shape, to express their femininity, and to dress life to the full.

Frances Jerard’s Story

The seeds were sewn at avery early age for Frances, playing dress ups in her Mothers extensive selection of Ball Gowns. Frances was inspired by a very talented neighbour whom Frances spent hours watching design and sew, followed by a volunteer parent at her primary school who recognised Frances’s talent and took Frances home and taught her to sew.

Frances one day while her Mother was entertaining sneaked down to her Mothers bedroom where she new that her Mother kept her sewing machine and fabric in the wardrobe. Frances promptly cut out a skirt and sewed it and then proudly paraded her creation to her Mothers guests. Frances has had a life of compliments from strangers while wearing her designs, one day she received 16 compliments on the garment she was wearing. One compliment came from a lady driving past while Frances was crossing the road, the lady wound down her window and put her head out the window and called out, I love your dress.

Frances was recently successful in 2014 dressing the Christchurch Mayoress Lianne Dalziel for the Royal visit that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made to Frances home town Christchurch, New Zealand. Showing in New York with Jessica Minh Anh in 2015. Jessica was maned the Queen of catwalks by (CNN) transforming the worlds most iconic venues into phenomenal catwalks. While Frances was in New York she had a lady beg her to buy the coat she was wearing. Frances spent her childhood dressing down to fit in, and finally realised while she had be born in the beautifull New Zealand her French ancestory was driving her desire to dress every day of her life to the full.

Frances philosophy is to “dress life to the full”. As she proclaims; “Your first impression is not a dress rehearsal, there is no second chance.


Frances Jerard

Frances Jerard with Jessica Minh Anh in New York 2015

Frances Jerard’s design worn by  Christchurch Mayoress Lianne Dalziel during the 2014 Royal visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Christchurch City.